Fuck Your Second Amendment. Children Are Dying

Bert Rock
2 min readJun 7, 2022


“School Colors” original artwork by author (2009)

Spoiler alert: this will be a didactic rant, but I don’t care.

“When did murdering kids in their classrooms become a political issue?” — Steve Kerr

Children are dying. That sentence should be the end of it, but it isn’t.

Republican congressman and senators should have to walk a gauntlet of all the grieving parents of children shot to death in classrooms.

I remember in 1984 there was the San Ysidro Massacre in a McDonald’s restaurant killing twenty-one. I was thirteen at the time. I recall hearing it on the news and the newscaster saying they’d found a child wrapped around their bicycle after being shot. I never got that image out of my head whenever someone mentioned McDonald’s.

As of May 25, 2022 NPR reports that there have been twenty-seven school shootings this year.

Columbine, Parkland, Sandy Hook, Uvalde, how many children in their classrooms have to be slaughtered before a republican congressman feels something? How many parents have to lose everything before republican fathers do something? I suppose it’s okay with them since this doesn’t happen at their kids’ schools.

The best way to protect school children is to label them fetuses, then republicans would give a shit. If protecting the children meant power over their mothers, republicans would do something.

Republicans will again do nothing. They dare not stand up to the NRA. You can argue about whatever legislation was passed if any and it won’t matter because it’s still happening. It is clear that no number of children or people dying will move a republican senator or congressman to agree to sensible gun laws. They are cowards.

Disagree? Prove me wrong.

Democrats keep trying to enact laws that could save lives and republicans shoot them down, every time. It’s the same song and dance we’ve seen year after year. Thoughts and prayers mean shit. You can tell me all you want about law abiding citizens being infringed upon, then I say infringe on them. Infringe on me if you can save a child from having their brains blown out in a first-grade classroom.

Fuck your rights, children are dying.



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